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Samprasfanz » Archives 2003 to 2011 » Pete Sampras – Marcelo Rios Exhibition Match (Chile)

Pete Sampras – Marcelo Rios Exhibition Match (Chile)

Pete lost to Marcelo Rios 6-3, 3-6, 6-7 (7)

Regarding the duel with Sampras, Rios only had praises for his rival. “Here [in Chile] the guy took it as an exhibition and was very relaxed. When I played him in Brazil, I did not think he would reach such good level. It is like seeing him at his best moments. He still has his powerful and very good serve. The truth, he really impressed me very much.”

“Seeing him play and facing him is very different The way he plays at 36, it is clear that the guy is from another level,” Rios said.

Pete also praised Rios, “Marcelo played well. I lost some key points and he started serving better. At the end I did not play well, I failed several balls of game and ended losing, I was at match point and did not take advantage of that.”

Pete continued in humor, “It was the last time that (Rios) wins [against] me. I was a good [guest] to the host and I let him win as the local.”

When asked if Pete will consider returning to Chile for another match, he replied, “Absolutely, just being here is a pleasure for me. I hope to be back some day for another exhibition or on the Veterans tour, it would be cool. We will see. But I repeat, it is the last time he (Rios) wins over me.”

Thanks to our Samprasfanz member, Maritza for the translation

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