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Petition for a Pete Sampras Statue

To All Pete Sampras Fans,

Pete Sampras, winner of 14 Grand Slams is a tennis legend who needs to be remembered not only by his tennis fans worldwide, but by all who attend the U.S. Open and all who see the Grand Slam on television. For this reason, we believe that a statue of Pete at the U.S. Open would be a wonderful way of giving recognition to his great tennis.

Please sign our petition to send to the USTA asking them to erect a statue of Pete at the U.S. Open in New York in recognition of his many years of great tennis.

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Shom Bre |
Can't think of anyone more deserving than this giant of the game to be immortalised at the tournament that was both his opening and closing chapter - the US Open. Others made tennis look clean, efficient, masterly - he made it beautiful. To be an artist and a consummate professional in the same breath surely makes him a luminary amongst luminaries !
11 March 2007 - Melbourne, Australia
Jolene Soliman |
Pete is the greatest tennis player of all time and at the very least deserves the type of recognition and respect a statue would bring.
11 March 2007 - clayton, ca
Myrsa Landrón de GORBEA
4 March 2007
Lou Anna Barham |
Please eract a statue of Pete Sampras! He IS one of the best players of Tennis in modern era.not to mention courteous, kind and generous.
19 February 2007 - Honolulu, Hawaii
Sharon Mannino |
Have been a Pete fan since his first US Open win.would love to see a statue for this great American champion.
13 February 2007 - BLuffton sc
Jason Leckenby |
If I had one wish, that would be to have Pete Sampras back on tour. Unfortunately this will not happen, so my second wish would be to immortalise him in the form of a statue. Pete preparing to send down one of his serves in a pistol-like fashion - that would be a statue worth seeing. God I miss Pete! I am so annoyed that he set the Grand Slam record by beating the likes of Ivan Llendl, Boris Becker, Stephan Edberg, Andre Agassi and on top of this there were the other (excellent) challengers such as Jim Courier, Michael Chang, Thomas Muster, Yevgeny Kafelnikov, Goran Ivanisevic, Michael Stich, Pat Rafter, and the list goes on. While Roger Federer will beat Pete's record by beating WHO? Yes, it's amazing how good you can look when your opponents camp on the baseline, can't volley or can't play a drop shot to save themselves. Pete can hold his head up high knowing he had to beat champions to be a champion! BRING BACK PETE. Oh yes, and on the subject of the statue, this is only fitting for someone who brought so much to American tennis.
29 January 2007 - Australia
Kevin Powell |
Pete definitely deserves a likeness erected in his honor at the NTC. It is only fitting that there is a momento of America's greatest champion of all time at America's one and only grand slam event.
29 January 2007 - Kansas City, Missouri
Gangadharan |
As the official Sampras site says, Hes the definition of THE CHAMPION
18 January 2007 - India
pushkar godbole
he is one of greatest tennis players of world & a real icon in united states also he is a 5 time us champ so he deserves to get this honour
18 January 2007

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