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Petition for a Pete Sampras Statue

To All Pete Sampras Fans,

Pete Sampras, winner of 14 Grand Slams is a tennis legend who needs to be remembered not only by his tennis fans worldwide, but by all who attend the U.S. Open and all who see the Grand Slam on television. For this reason, we believe that a statue of Pete at the U.S. Open would be a wonderful way of giving recognition to his great tennis.

Please sign our petition to send to the USTA asking them to erect a statue of Pete at the U.S. Open in New York in recognition of his many years of great tennis.

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Maria Cecilia O Aragão |
Pete is the Best of the best tennis player that the ever saw. To me, who live in Brazil, would be marvelous see a big statue of pete in the place where he was and he is an idol.
2 September 2006 - Meier- Rio de Janeiro-Breazil
Carol Buclay
Pete Sampras is the greatest tennis player ever. He started his winning ways (grand slams)in New York and ended it there. It is but fitting and proper he be given honor at the US open by erecting a statue of himself at the hallowed grounds of the US Open stadium.
1 September 2006 - Michigan, USA
grazie |
I think the media people ignoring him and branding him as "BORING" for the most part of his career, is just plain laziness in their part to see the man behind the tennis racket and an excuse to downplay his ACHIEVEMENTS & PASSION because IMO his quiet ways and gentle manner is not sensational enough to write something about and sell stories to John/John Q. Pete gets the job done so consistently that they don't see the dedication and devotion behind his WINS and seem to dwell more and relish his losses instead of highlighting what he has done for the sport. My heart broke when he was in Europe, working his butt off to win the 6 consecutive years at being #1 and he mentioned (I'm paraphrasing), “that the American media seemed not to care what he was trying to do”. I bet it would have been a different scenario had it been somebody else whose known for their personality rather than what they do in court.

To me, their perception is so far off because they fail to see the QUIET PASSION that he instills every time he goes in court. It takes someone to have the HEART & SOUL for the game to consistently go out there and play his BEST. It takes to have a HEART & DEDICATION & CONTINUOUS PASSION to be at THE TOP of your game for such a long time. So yeah, it is only fitting that all these VALUES & ATTRIBUTES be embodied and solidified by a statue at an American GS. Not just because he is an American who has achieved so much for Americans and American tennis but because he is a hero or should I say a role model that children all over the world is worthy to emulate.

And there is one more thing that the sports world probably has not realize is that PETE SAMPRAS brought UNITY among his fans who comes from different cultures and mindsets but develops affinity and a sense of community and oneness in their admiration for this MAN (not just the sports hero), what he REPRESENTS and what he STANDS for.
30 August 2006 - Cebu, Philippines
Elizabeth HR Schmidt |
We have in New York, home of the US Open a celebrated name for Arthur Ash and Billy Jean King. Is there any American tennis player that can compare to Pete Sampras and we ask if we should erect a status in his honor, that is the least the USTA can do in acknowledgement of such a grand hero for the American tennis fans.
28 August 2006 - Arizona
Smaguina Valentina |
cette idée est formidable. je la soutient avec de la joie.
28 August 2006 - Tours, France
Lourdes Paradero |
Fred Perry's statue stands on the hallowed grounds of Wimbledon because he is England's greatest and last champion. In Melbourne, the Rod Laver Arena is the fitting venue for the Australian Open, so named after its very own tennis legend.

Pete Sampras is the greatest tennis player ever. Wimbledon is where he shone the brightest but it is at the US Open where he won his first and last grand slam titles. USTA has recognized other great Americans by naming a stadium and the entire tennis center in their honor.

A statue of Pete Sampras at Flushing Meadows will be a fitting and lasting tribute to the greatest of them all.
27 August 2006 - Philippines
Susan M Fiore |
Please honor the great, AMERICAN tennis legend, Pete Sampras, by erecting a statue in his honor at his home Grand Slam. There will NEVER be another Pete Sampras! We all miss him a lot!
26 August 2006 - OHIO
Perris Jaragosky |
Go Pete!
25 August 2006 - Huntington Beach, California
Will Cobb |
Pete Sampras is right now without a doubt the greatest champion ever to play the game. Honoring him with a statue seems inevitable but it needs to happen sooner than later. Not only did Pete win, Pete won with class, something that separates him from all other champions. Pete may have been boring to some but I found his classy style and serve and volley game exciting to watch. I wish Pete was still playing so that we could have another great ambassador as well as a great champion in the game along with Roger Federer.
24 August 2006 - Wilson
Narasimha Rao Kavuru |
We need to remember great person always so for this we have statue at US open
24 August 2006 - INDIA

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