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Petition for a Pete Sampras Statue

To All Pete Sampras Fans,

Pete Sampras, winner of 14 Grand Slams is a tennis legend who needs to be remembered not only by his tennis fans worldwide, but by all who attend the U.S. Open and all who see the Grand Slam on television. For this reason, we believe that a statue of Pete at the U.S. Open would be a wonderful way of giving recognition to his great tennis.

Please sign our petition to send to the USTA asking them to erect a statue of Pete at the U.S. Open in New York in recognition of his many years of great tennis.

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Raghu Maridi |
We need Statue for the tennis legend, who had 14 grand slams.
24 August 2006 - India
valeria |
He is the best tennis player ever! He should be recognised not only for what he´s done inside the courts but also for all his work outside tennis. And this is a great opportunity to do so!
23 August 2006 - Buenos Aires, Argentina
Stefan |
Its a slam dunk decision. Of course the man deserves a statue. And hopefully they´ll soon name the center court after him too.
23 August 2006 - Eskilstuna, Sweden
Xavier MASSE |
Pete is the greatest player of all times. Not only in the US, but all over the world, nobody can pretend matching up his incredible talent, class, and humility.

Please, reward the one player that incarns greatness and sportsmanship by building him a statue at Flushing Meadows ! :)
23 August 2006 - Paris, France
Dilek Ibrahim |
Pete Sampras. The Legend. The precision, class, superiority, dominance, brilliance and passion that he played with is second to none. His records and titles speak for themselves and this great man should be honoured with a statue.
23 August 2006 - Australia
Raj Joshi
Pete Sampras is a true inspiration and role model to all, and should be recognised and remembered as one of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME, and especially the best player that America has ever produced. All his records and achievements speak for themselves and should never be forgotten. Also a statue should most definitely be placed at the US Open to once again remind everyone of his legacy.
What more to say then just simply the best.
22 August 2006 - London, UK
James Anthony Smith
It wasn't just his amazing achievements but the way he achieved them - often against all the odds - that set Sampras apart from other great players. He should be recognised for this greatness at the United States home of tennis, so that people do not forget. A statue would be a suitable lasting tribute.
22 August 2006 - Nottinghamshire, England
Kelly Tyler
Let's honor this champion!
21 August 2006 - Kansas City, Missouri
Santhosh Balasubramanian |
HI am extrememly happy to visit such a wonderful website.I wish to this legends statue should be placed in wimbledon,usopen.Hes awesome no one in tennis can replace this king of ace(pistol pete).
21 August 2006 - India
Daniel Wulf |
Pete Sampras is One of those Champions that you will never forget, when you lived with him through all those years of dominance. His Challenges with Andre Agassi were maybe the best that Tennis have ever seen. He was and will always be a rolemodel on and outside of the court.

So I think a Statue should be one of the honors he deserves.
21 August 2006 - Germany

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