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Petition for a Pete Sampras Statue

To All Pete Sampras Fans,

Pete Sampras, winner of 14 Grand Slams is a tennis legend who needs to be remembered not only by his tennis fans worldwide, but by all who attend the U.S. Open and all who see the Grand Slam on television. For this reason, we believe that a statue of Pete at the U.S. Open would be a wonderful way of giving recognition to his great tennis.

Please sign our petition to send to the USTA asking them to erect a statue of Pete at the U.S. Open in New York in recognition of his many years of great tennis.

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Cornelia |
With or without a statue of him. Pete is a legend. However, a statue would be a good way to make this obvious to others.
25 July 2006 - Germany
Carolee Pastorius |
Pete should definitly have a statue at the US Open venue: the US Open was his first Grand Slam victory and his last. We all miss him but are happy he went out on top!
25 July 2006 - Alexandria, VA
He left his heart on the court. He fought through pain and illness. He became the greatest champion the game has seen. He did it with class and dignity.
The USTA should honor Pete Sampras with a statue.
25 July 2006 - Israel
riza ramos |
Pete Sampras is one of the greatest tennis players the world has known.he has lifted the game of tennis several notches higher with his skills and sportsmanship.
25 July 2006 - Manila, Philippines
Andy McCartney |
Pete is the greatest ever!!PERIOD! He is the classiest champion ever and a unbelievable tennis player & human being. A statue would be a permanant tribute to the greatest tennis player ever! He deserves it!
25 July 2006 - Utah
M. Sagrada |
Pete inspired my appreciation for tennis. I will never, ever forget the match with Corretja, where he was sick on the court several times, and yet battled through to a victory. THAT was the beginning of my admiration for Pete Sampras. That was one for the ages. YES, he deserves his statue! :thumbup:

We love you, Pete! Our hero forever.
25 July 2006 - Eugene, OR
Peri Dalal |
For all of us who felt Pete Sampras was short-changed by the fickle media which never gave him his due, here is a chance to set the record straight and immortalise the Man and the Sportsman who quietly worked his way into our hearts. Pete Sampras stands for all that is good and great in both the sport and in life.
25 July 2006 - Mumbai, India
Mary Loveless |
A statue of Pete Sampras at the US Open would be a wonderful inspiration for all the generations to follow. Pete showed us all not only the heights to which tennis could be played but also how one should strive to conduct oneself both on and off the court. He was truly not only the greatest American player to hold a racquet, but perhaps the world’s greatest player. We thank you for your consideration.
25 July 2006 - Birmingham, Alabama
Tennis was lucky to have Pete Sampras. He quietly went about the business of playing and winning the game--elevating it to something special whenever he stepped on the court. If he was boring, I hope we get another player as boring really soon. I miss Pete and a statue at the place where he won his first and last Grand Slam sounds like a great idea to me.
25 July 2006 - Arlington, Texas
Marin Vallikivi
Pete Sampras simply is the best tennis player ever!
25 July 2006 - Estonia

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