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Posted on: July 17th, 2003

Sampras working on his golf game

- petepage

Sampras working on his golf game

[July 17, 2003 Chad Hartley] Going from the workplace into retirement means a lot more trips to the golf course for many people.

It's no different for perhaps the greatest men's tennis player of all time.

Though Pete Sampras has not officially announced his retirement from professional tennis, it seems clear that the 14-time Grand Slam champion has called it quits. He hasn't played in any of the Grand Slam events this year and his entrance into the American Century Championship for the first time this week may be just another indication he has hung up the racket.

"It's a grind," Sampras said of life on the pro tennis tour. "All of the travel and all of the work you put in, it gets to be a grind."

Sampras has an 8-month-old son at home with his wife, actress Bridgette Wilson, and he said he is focused on fatherhood.

"It is a lot of fun at home," he said. "At this point he is smiling and giggling so it is fun. Once he is old enough, I can't wait to get him on the tennis court and get him on the golf course. I want this
little boy to be an athlete."

Sampras will join 75 other players for the annual celebrity golf tournament and don't think this will be his last appearance on the golf course in the public eye. He has played as an amateur at the PGA Tour's Bob Hope Classic and wants to continue to play such events.

"Everyone is kind of coming over (to golf) and I see myself playing a little bit more now," he said. "I've played the Bob Hope. You look at that one and the AT&T (Pebble Beach National Pro-Am) and this one, I'll play those three and that is about it."

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