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Close Encounter with Pete Sampras

I've seen Pete at the US Open and many other places. The most memorable being the final year of the Advanta tournament in Philadelphia. The attendance was very poor. I could see the disappointment in Pete's face. Even during the final against Enqvist, Pete looked so alone to me. He must have known the tournament was dying. We saw him play Malisse in a very close match during which I was very concerned for him and it was visible to anyone looking at me. We were sitting in the front row and the calls were very bad. The point that gave Malisse the first set was clearly out but the linesman didn't call it right. I was right at that corner and trying not to misbehave. It was hard. I told my husband that I should give my glasses to the lines woman because she obviously needed them more than I did. Pete knew that he got robbed, but he remained a true gentleman.

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