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Favorite Pete Sampras Match

"What are Pete's most memorable matches?" This is a ridiculously difficult question since he has had so many memorable wins and losses. Here is a list of matches in chronological order which I think would answer this question:

  1. 1990 US Open final vs. Andre Agassi
  2. 1991 Davis Cup final. Pete's rude awakening to Davis Cup.
  3. 1992 US Open Final vs. Edberg. Turned Pete's career around.
  4. 1993 Wimbledon Final vs Courier. The dynasty begins!
  5. 1994 US Open vs Yzaga. Epic match!
  6. 1995 Aus Open vs Courier. Down 2 sets to none and comes back amidst tears! Amazing!
  7. 1995 Wimbledon final vs Becker. Changing of the guard. Two Wimbledon legends clashed!
  8. 1995 US Open final vs Andre. Probably the most hyped match of either players career!
  9. 1995 Davis Cup final in Moscow. Maybe Pete's greatest accomplishment of his career.
  10. 1996 US Open vs Corretja. 5th set tiebreaker and vomit on the court! I still tear up when I watch this one.
  11. 1996 World Championships in Germany vs Becker. Pete wins the year end title in 5 over Becker in his homeland!
  12. 1997 US Open vs Korda. Another epic loss at the Open.
  13. 1998 Wimbledon final vs Goran. Pete wins the title in 5 the only time he has one a slam final in 5 sets.
  14. 1998 Cincinnati final vs Rafter. Blown call on match point.
  15. 1998 US Open vs Rafter. The rematch goes to Rafter after an exciting 5 sets.
  16. 1999 Wimbledon Final vs Andre. Possibly Pete's greatest performance of his career!
  17. 2000 Davis Cup vs Czech Republic. Pete wins 5th and deciding match in front of home crowd in L.A.!
  18. 2000 Wimbledon Final vs Rafter. This would have to be my favorite of the list for many reasons. Pete had to endure hours and hours of rain-delays, Rafter was on fire, Pete was still hurting, his parents were in the stands, and the record was in the balance! I bawled my eyes out when he won it! It was so emotional. Watching him with Bridgette there and his parents was awesome! It was the greatest sports moment I have ever witnessed.
  19. 2000 US Open vs Hewitt. Pete advances to his 6th US Open final in front of Bill Clinton himself!





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