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Passion for Pete Sampras

Introduction: This was an Advance Placement English 11 assignment. After reading the "Spoon River Anthologies", a collection of epitaphs written by a late nineteenth century American poet, each person had to write his or her own epitaph. Since meeting Pete at the Wimbledon final is one of those crazy goals that I have, the epitaph I wrote is very fitting. Just another little reason to love Pete and be afraid of all his nutty fanz!!:-)

Death of a Tennis Freak

She died in England
at the Wimbledon final.
She’d dreamed of it for years,
to meet her tennis idol.

With a motion so perfect,
he served his first serve.
Only one word came to her mind,

He was so close now,
almost in her grasp.
She couldn’t wait to see
how long the match would last.

He won the match
after the fourth set,
she rushed to the players lounge
for a moment she’d never forget.

On the chair in the corner
is where Pete Sampras sat,
he smiled her his smile,
her heart went pitty-pat.

Meeting her obsession,
she then felt a cramp,
it was her lifelong dream
to meet the handsome champ.

A lifelong dream
had finally come true,
she died a happy girl
with nothing left to do.


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