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Passion for Pete Sampras

I've always liked tennis and have always watched it. I first saw Pete play in 1990 when he won the U.S. Open. I guess it was because I'd watch the sport for so long that even then I could see Pete was different. There was just something about him and his game that commanded my interest and attention. From that moment on, I'd always check out a tournament to see if Pete was playing and I haven't missed a match since.

His game has just gotten better and better over the years and he's given me dozens more reasons to watch in awe as he performs his very special brand of magic out on the court. He can win a game playing anybody's style. He can, of course, go with the best of them on a serve and volley game, he can stay back and beat Agassi or Muster or anyone else from the baseline. Or he can mix it up and keep his opponent totally off guard. His serve is nothing less than amazing. Same motion no matter where he puts it on the court. And where he puts it is exactly where he wants to put it. I've never seen anyone with the ability to "paint the lines" like Pete can with his serves. He paints them both down the T and outside. He's added depth to his game year after year -- like his famous, patented "Air Sampras" jump we all know and love, as well as his masterful running forehand.

To me, Pete is truly an artist and every match and tennis court is his canvas and you just never know exactly how he's going to paint it. The only thing you can count on is it will be part of his remarkable, historic career - - - his masterpiece, with his style and signature play written all over it!






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