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He is determined to be the have to wonder,
'How does he do it? What is it that makes Sampras so special?'

To stay # 1 it's got to be your life. I won't complain,
it's a great life...I am going to do this until I am 40.

He is not obsessed like Borg, not flashy like Connors,
and not controversial like McEnroe.

"I think people don't realize how great a player he is yet" said McEnroe.

I picked up a tennis racquet when I was 7. It's an amazing upbringing, I played tennis everyday, 3 hours a day everyday. I didn't have a girlfriend, no social life, no proms...and it was a commitment I wanted to make, and my parents supported me.

He (Pete Fischer) said I am going to make people forget Laver, he saw talent in me...

He (dad) is superstitious about watching me play.
In fact they saw me lost to Edberg in the 92 Open final...

If friendship runs deep, one of those friendship was with his coach Tim Guillikson. He was by his side when Pete dominated the sport. Then at the Oz open in 95, Sampras learned that Gullikson was dying of brain cancer.

"Do it for your coach Pete" and he breaks out in tears. (Oz Open 1995 QF vs Courier) I am a very emotional person and I internalized a lot of my feelings. In that situation I can only take so much, I am not a robot. There is a lot of passion and hard work than it seems.

Last summer (1999) the only thing in his mind was winning the US Open, but it was not meant to be. He hurt his back during a rountine practice and forced to withdraw. He went home while watching Agassi winning the title.

(US Open 1990) Sampras and Agassi have been competing against each other since they were kids.

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