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ESPY Award Ceremony - February 12, 2001

Tennis Player of the Year
Record Breaking Performance of the Year


Pete, backstage

Tennis Player of the Year

Pete, onstage with the other
winners of the year.

Videoclip shown for the Record Breaking category

Pete is the WINNER!!!

Pete's memorable victory
flashes on the big screen
as he walks up the stage.

Pete begins his accept-
ance speech

"I think Tiger is next to
be getting this award..."

"I'd like to thank everyone
at ESPN for this award. "

"It's a great honor for me to be here. "

"Obviously, Wimbledon
was a huge moment for
me... "

"...and my life and really
this year..."

"and to really share it with my parents who were able to.. be.. with.. me... "

An emotional Pete tries to
compose himself.

Bridgette smiles through
the tears

Now composed, Pete
continues with his speech.

"I just thank everyone that
has helped me break this

"My coach, Paul Annacone, for helping me out the past six years..."

"My manager, Jeff Swartz,
for supporting me..."

"...and helping me through
all the good times and bad

"...and my wife, Bridgette
for marrying me."

Bridgette wipes a tear.

Pete continues, "Four
months ago she definitely
made me very, very happy
and very lucky."

Bridgette smiles in reaction to Pete's remark about being lucky.

Someone from the audience shouts out something.

"Thank you, I know I have
done very well in that
category. "

"Thank you and I will be
back next year."


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