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10 Things we've served up on the new King of Wimbledon

July, 1993

  1. Wimbledon champion Pete Sampras has reached the top by NOT eating his greens. He hates vegetables, particularly Brussel Sprouts.
  2. He was coached for nine years from the age of nine by children's doctor Pete Fischer, who works at a hospital near Los Angeles.
  3. Fischer told SunSport exactly how they first met. "I was just hitting balls at the Jack Kramer Tennis Club when Pete's father asked me if I would coach his son."

    "I pointed out that I not a professional coach, but a paediatrician. He asked what I charge. I said "Nothing" and he replied, "The price is right."
  4. Pete is now the seventh all-time biggest earner in men's tennis and he's still only 21. He has won GBP5 m in five years.
  5. Last year he won more than GBP20,000 a WEEK and winning Wimbledon has brought him a further GBP305,000.

    He has made more in the past fortnight than Prime Minister John Major will earn in FOUR YEARS for running Britain.
  6. Pete (and yes it's Pete, not Peter) Sampras was born in Washington DC on August 12, 1971.

    His dad, Sam, son of Greek immigrants, is an engineer at a NASA Space Centre in California. His sister, Stella, is a tennis coach at UCLA University.
  7. Fischer transformed Sampras from a school-boy with a lot of promise into a world-beater, but he admits he is not a particularly good player himself.
  8. In 1990, Pete became the youngest player to win the US Open at just 19 years 28 days.
  9. The match that had the biggest influence on Sampras was a classic between Rod Laver and Ken Rosewall, which coach Fischer insisted he watched several times on old black and white film.

    Fischer recalls: "He only watched it a few times. Pete's attention span isn't that long."
  10. Fischer reckons Sampras's failure to display emotion is one of his great strengths. "I always told him that you don't want opponents to know what you're thinking."

    Pete unwinds by playing golf and supports the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.

(Special thanks to Georgia Christoforou for supplying this article)