Off Court

The Simpsons - A special episode featuring Pete, Williams sisters and agassi

Homer sits with the William sisters and tries to get them to play with him instead of Lisa.  They think what he's doing is terrible.  He grabs Venus and says c'mon you seem to be the less bothered by what I'm doing.


Lisa is upset and says "You're replacing me"

The wife complains that they have a pro and so the ref gives her Venus.  Venus says "Oh I just ate a personal pizza"


Venus decides that the wife needs to be replaced and calls out, "Yo Pete, Pete Sampras


Meanwhile Pete sits on the bench waiting to be called, he hears his name and he jumps up and says, "Yes, I'm in."  


Pete's ready to go he runs on the court and takes the wifes spot.  

Now it's Pete and Venus vs Homer and Serena, seeing this Homer says, Ha, I'm the only one not being replaced.  


Homer looks over his shoulder as his racquet is taken and sees Andre Agassi, Andre introduces himself, "I'm Andre Agassi,"  Homer says, "The wrestler?"


Meanwhile in the Pete and Venus picture, Pete says, " C'mon lets play, I've gotta tape a HoHo commercial!"


As the family sit on the bench they realize that it's better just enjoy life and family and they plan to go to dinner.  Homer pulls a wallet stuffed with money out and says, "Yeh on Pete that point he gets hit with a ball and puts the wallet back.


Video caps courtesy of Joy Parker,

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