Pete Sampras' Birthday Card (1999)

Pete's birthday is on August 12 and he was celebrating it in Cincinnati, Ohio during the Great American Insurance tournament which was being held on August 5-15, 1999.

One of the members, Joy Parker was inspired to create a group birthday card to celebrate the special occasion. Jay Burd gladly wrote a poem that was used as the message for the card.


The Contents of Pete's Birthday Card (1999)

To Pete: A World of Birthday Wishes from your Fans all over the World

Miriam Garcia Poggi

Gillian Mody
Sally Stanton

Csilla Kiss (Montreal)

Omar Garcia Palencia

Dominican Republic
Maria Luisa Llenas

Yvonne Arnoldus
Wouter van der Heij
Wilma van der Pols

Manu Sharma
Niloufer Randeria - A true Champion, Happy Birthday & all the best now & forever.

Herna - You're always a hero on and off the court. Best Wishes!


United Kingdom
Aileen Yi Wan Lam
Helen Virth - Lincolnshire
Katherine Wood - York

Richard Goitia - Maracabo

Sunaina Sinha

United States
Supriya Bhat - Cupertino
Ken Hodges - Sunnyvale
Rod Jeong - San Francisco
Bernie Lin - Los Angeles
Jackie Otero - Santa Barbara
Suzanne Verret - Los Angeles

Marcia Bauer - Palatine - Happy Birthday to the Greatest Ever! Love ya babe!!
James Bassler - Evansville
Alison DeFrank - Riverwoods
Joy Parker - Chicago

Paul S. Fein

Christy Parker

New Jersey
Anna & Brendan - Morris County

New York
Lacy AKA Surgie - Cato
Douglas Beck

New Mexico
Jonnie & Larry McIntyre - Farmington

Vince Barr
Doreen Barrett - Middletown

Daniel Foster - Berwyn
Sally Turkovich - Pittsburgh

South Carolina
Sylvia Demian - Columbia
Laura Ross - Watching you play tennis is one of my favorite things in life. With much appreciation.

Davis Wallentine - Vernal
Vermont Linda Reed - St. Albans
Wisconsin Kathy Davies
Aletha Lee Karls - Oshkosh

Rina Manning
Christine Imbriale
Nadine Ymga Tembiwe
Pauline Webster - Best wishes on your Birthday Pete. Your fans love you madly, all that you wish for yourself, we wish for you.
Dave Wilson
D.J. Zheng
Verhelle Sofie
Agnieszka Kwiatkowska
Jennie Santos
Alvin Yap
Susan Wilson
Denise Jack
Enrique Bird
James Chan
Jorge Salazar
Kristin Byrd
Kristin Swiderski
Bahman Mosaddeghi
James McGee
Ming Ki Cheng
Nur Munir
Nancy Rosenblum
Sailesh Panchal
Carl & Lee ramer
Paul & Benne Hurley
Farkhanda Uddin
Giuseppe Antonio Scioli

A Birthday Poem for Pete

He's stilll our nation's fav'rite son
And we know no better Champ as
We raise our glass to Wimbledon
And "England's King"- Pete Sampras

He handled poor old Agassi
We guess Andre is no giant
Ace after ace he set the pace
Our Pete was sure defiant

He won his 6th before the Brits
And his twelfth triumphant Slam as
He made his critics bite their bits
Our wunderkind, Pete Sampras

So from your friends "upon the Net"
who speak of you each day
And live and die with every set
We simply want to say

You'll always be our Number One
On grass..on clay..on hard
Oh, so, dear King of Wimbledon
We wrote a birthday card

We send to you these greetings, Pete
from near and distant lands
We hope to make your birthday sweet
Your Web-based Sampras fanz

You'd send our spirits to the sky
and yet we'd all be floored
If ever we saw a reply
Upon our message board.

From Hungary, there's Csilla Kiss
and Sunaina Sinha(Vietnam)
D.R.'s Maritza made the list
As does Jersey's Samprasmom

There's Aussies Pauline Webster...Bret..
and Sally Stanton, too
There's Linda Reed, Suzanne Verret,
And Sally Turk loves you

There's Manu, who's from India
And UK's Helen Virth
And Herna (Indonesia)
each corner of the earth

Rina, Surgi, Kathy D
We love you ever much
And then there's Wout and dear Yvonne
From Holland, Pete--they're Dutch

Aletha Karls and Laura Ross sure
know how great you are
Gill Mody, too, as does Dan Foster
And our Scribe, Vince Barr

We know this list is rather long
As our Cali friends join in
Supriya Bhat and Rod Jeong
Ken Hodges, Bernie Lin

From Argentina, M. Garcia
Says you give her joys
As does Jimmy B and Alisson D
from their comps. in Illinois

The Burd, who is our poet fair
Adds his name to this ode
of those who want to say they care
from all around our globe

We raise our rackets to you Pete
As we end this century
With one more name, our list's complete
That's, Joy Parker--Me!

It's funny how within our game
Love somehow means zero
For to us Pete-true Love is All
We love you--you're our hero!



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