Get Well Poster (September, 1999)

The announcement that Pete was withdrawing from the US Open 1999 because of a herniated disc on his back stunned the group.

Since winning Wimbledon, Pete dominated the tournaments leading up to the US Open. The Fanz knew he was gunning for the record breaking 13th Grand Slam -- and what better place to set this record than the US Open where it all began.

In his press conference, Pete said...

"It's a setback. I mean, it's definitely tough. The last three days have been hell, just feeling like I could -- the worrying about not playing and the stress, then finally getting some tests done on it was really the last straw that said, "That's it, it's over."
"But I believe, you know, everything happens for a reason. These last couple days, I've been trying to figure out that reason. I'm sure it will be very clear to me in six months' time or a year's time why this has happened. But right now, I'm obviously very overwhelmed, and I really wanted to have the chance to play here. I'm not saying I was going to win here or whatever, but, you know, to break the all-time record was a dream that I had, to do it here in New York."

As a show of support and to provide encouragement to our hero during this difficult period, the group sent Pete an 11x14" sized get well poster. A member, Linda Reed was inspired to write a poem right after Pete won Wimbledon and it was used as the message for the poster. Joy Parker designed the layout and the caricature was provided by Philip Ip.

Click on the image to view the poster.  We have also retyped the poem and fans' messages below.


Fans' Messages to Pete Sampras

Miriam Garcia Poggi

Sally Stanton: We miss you Mr. Sampras, we miss your smile, your humor, your big brown eyes, you slam dunks and style, your whopping aces and most of all your presence. BTW remember if you need a PR consultant, I'm always here! LOL

Dominican Republic
Maria Luisa Llenas: A world of wishes at your command. God and his angels close at hand, family, friends, and fans their love impart. And God's blessings be always in your heart!

Nadine Tembiwe (Yaounde)

Csilla Kiss (Montreal): Thanks for being the way you are, thanks for bringing joy to my life day in and day out. You are the true champion on and off the court. Wish you the best and miss you terribly

Sarah Weinman (Montreal)

Lily Chan (Hongkong, SAR)

Philip Ip (Hongkong, SAR) Dear Pete, I really hope you will recover soon. You are destined to be the greatest player of all time. Be patient, in time you will win the titles you deserve to win. Also, I am going through difficult times with my career, failing exams etc. One of the reasons why I keep on trying and not giving up is by what you said in the US Open press conference, how "everything happens for a reason...", and how you never seem to give up year after year in Paris. You inspire me so much, thank you!

Zhou Ligian (Shanghai)

Omar Garcia (Palencia)


Niloufer Randeria

Herna (Jakarta) Wish you all life's best, Pete. From a faithful fan

Wilma van der Pols

Karen Calilung (Manila)

South Africa
Rouchelle Davids (Johannesburg) Pete Sampras get up and let your good deed, for the millenium be that you take the French Open by storm!!

United Kingdom
Babs Clark (Plymouth)

Helen Virth (Lincolnshire) Pete, thanks for keeping us entertained here at Wimbledon all these years! I'm counting down till the next one! Hope you get better soon, take care and keep on smiling. We all love ya!

Katherine Wood (York)

United States:
Suprya Bhat (Cupertino)
Bernie Lin (Stanford)
M. R. McDonald (Redlands)
D.J. Zheng
Suzanne Verret

Rina Manning (Jacksonville)

Anita Haque (Savannah): Get well soon Pete. We miss you

Alison DeFrank (Riverwoods)

Joy Parker (Chicago) Loved holding up the banner and singing Happy Birthday to you in Cincy. Get well soon, we all miss you.

Paul Fein (Agawam)
Caryn Sweeney (Boston)

Megan Luckfield (St. Paul)

Megan Garton (Pete's Center Court)
Christy Parker

New Jersey
Marylee Longo "Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed" Pete, your recent injury is yet another obstacle you will overcome and succeed. God bless, the best to you and your family.

Ruth Muzik (Green Brook) I hope this card brings you happiness, peace and the knowledge that you inspire many of us with your manner on and off the court. You are a true champion. Thank you for being the way you are.

Anna aka Samprasmom (Morris County) Best wishes for a speedy recovery from Sampasmom! We met at the Movado signing in NYC right before the US Open. I was one of the first in line and I told you about all the wonderful fans in our group who love and admire you (including me). You seemed a bit surprised by the Samprasmom name, but that is my computer screenname. I have a son who looks like you and has a personality like you. I feel a very close bond with you. Hope you don't mind that I proudly use your name. Get well soon! All our prayers and thoughts are with you.

Rahul (Middlesex)

New Mexico
Jonnie McIntyre (Farmington)

New York
Maki Berger (New York City): IIn our minds we know who the real world's #1 is - Best of luck for a speedy recovery! Looking forward to seeing you play again. Tennis without you is boring!

Deb Willett (Long Island)


Doreen Barrett (Middletown)

Daniel W. Foster (Berwyn)

Sally Turkovich (Pittsburgh) Pete, you are such an inspiration to us all.
Your dedication and love of the game you play so well is truly amazing. Love and Best wishes

South Carolina
Laura D (Columbia)
Sylvia Demian (Columbia)
Laura Ross

Linda Reed (St. Albans)


Kathy Davies
Tina Hernandez
Rebecca Stauffer

David Wilson Thanks for being old school. thanks for working so hard at being so great. Thanks for the running cross court backhand. Thanks for the overhand smashes at altitude. Thanks for making the Fourth of July even better every year. Thanks for caring so much about the game that it shows on every point. And thanks for boring holes in your opponent's strings.

Chris Chaffee

Richard Goitia (Maracaibo)

Sunaina Sinha (Hanoi) Pete, may life fulfill all your dreams and may God
give you eternal happiness. Thank you for inspiring me to be a champion in my life. See you back on the tour!

Ode to Sampras

There's a man in our midst, a legend to be
His name is Pete Sampras, a great man to me
He swings his racket with great power and ease,
and wins over crowds with his smiles and tease.

His game is tennis, and boy, can he play!
He has set many records that will forever stay
From the Super 9's to the Grand slam tourneys,
Us fans will stand by him in all of his journeys.

His serve and volley never do fall,
With his Airsampras leaps through the air he can sail
His serve is so powerful and accurate too,
So fluid and quick like none other can do.

His best game is on hardcourts, but don't forget grass,
In England, in whites, he'll win and with class!
The red clay of France is a challenge for Pete,
One year he may win and accomplish this feat.

He has dark, curly hair and beautiful, brown eyes,
And an athletic body that causes females to sigh
I love his big smile, it comes often these days
It's because he enjoys the game that he plays.

To the many who don't know him, what can I say?
Us fans will know him as the best that played.
If someday at a tournament, Pete Sampras you meet
Stop and look, catch your breath, for a champion you'll greet.


This is dedicated to the inspiration that Pete instills in all of us! We miss you, Pete. Get better soon! 


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