Congratulations - 13 Grand Slam titles (July, 2000)





Fans' Messages to Pete Sampras

Luciana Lambertucci—Buenos Aires
Miriam Garcia-Poggi—Santa Fe
Iliana Brant - San Juan

Janeene Eckford
Sally Stanton ..Congratulations on all your achievements on and off the’ll always be a true champion.
Rebecca Tang ..Congratulations Pete!
Gillian Mody—Melbourne
Belinda Aitken
Antonella Catalano —Sydney

Sonja Stransky—Vienna…..May all your dreams come true—with a little help from upstairs!

Dilyanna Tsvetkova

Claude-Etienne Borduas—Quebec
Csilla Kiss—Congratulations Pete—thanks for once again showing the game and the heart of the true champion.

Maria Luisa Llenas—Dominican Republic…..Rich blessings from the Almighty God!

Ida Tang—Hong Kong….”Always Happy.”
Philip Ip—Hong Kong
Mrs. Keiko Hachiya—Hong Kong...Congratulations!

Karsten Krogh….. See you in Hannover.

Mariza Oliveira Galvao—Wiesbaden, Hessen
Nadine Tembiwe—Aachen
Jessica Schmidt

Judit Veszpremi …. Congratulations.

Rohit AJ—Bangalore
Niloufer Randeria ….Congratulations on breaking the monumental Grand Slam record. Wishing you continued success in all aspects of life.

Sharon Deitch—Jerusalem ..Thanks Pete, for a terrific win. May there be many more to come.

Eiko Sekine—Tokyo

Wilma van der Pols ..Keep on fulfilling your dreams like you do
vonne Arnoldus ..A Dutch saying: ’tGaat als een dertien, which means it goes particularly fast and good.

Cherry Chan ...Thanks for letting us fans share the moment when history was being made. You are a true champion!
Rosario Cuevas ..Congratulations on finally fulfilling a dream! And thank you for inspiring me always to fulfill mine….

South Africa:
Christina Ehlers—Stellenbosch

United Kingdom:
Aileen Yi Wan Lam
Katherine Wood..Many congratulations on achieving such an important goal—it was a privilege to witness. Here’s to many more!
Helen Virth
Cecilia-Louise Laneres..Well done Pete, I am 13 years old and you are my inspiration and my idol...I’m going to be like you some day..just you wait and see.

United States:

Viji Srinivasan ….Pete, here is to trophy number 13 and all the ones to come!

Jean Eckert ….Thanks for the memories.
Shirl Spicer
Jonnie McIntyre—Newport Beach ...Congratulations on a remarkable accomplishment!
Suzanne Verret—Palm Desert
Bernie Lin ...Congratulations Pistol Pete! I always knew you could do it!

Michael Lockhart..Congratulations on reaching the pinnacles of sports and love. No one deserves it more than you. Keep on playing!
Tamara Pellekova..There are those who see the greatness within you. Who revel in the beauty of your game and the majesty of your dedication to your dreams. “Ah but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, or what’s a heaven for?”
Rina Manning

Anita Haque..congrats Pete on your Slam #13,! Now win the French!

Alejandro Maya
Alison DeFrank

Chris Chaffee..Dear Pete, I am so very excited and proud that you won your 13th GS title. I knew you could do it. You are the best. Your true fan.

Amanda Lonick….I saw you at Wimby, awesome job, see you at the US Open and Wimby next year.

Dave Wilson—St. Louis
Amy Pflughaupt ...Way to go, Pete!
Joy Parker … Way to go Pete, I knew you could make it happen!

New Jersey
Laura Love —Paramus
Anna ...Congratulations on your historic accomplishment! May you enjoy many more Grand Slams.
Marylee Longo
Ruth Muzik … Congratulations!
Rahul Deshmukh
Deb Willett

New York
Maki Berger
Elle...Congratulations on your Historical achievement! Thank you for being a Great Champion! May God continue to bless you with many more records!! Pauline Webster … Congratulations Pete on your #13 Slam! Looking forward to many more.

Lorianne Upperman
Doreen Barrett..Pete, my congratulations to you on a job very well done. You got the 7th Wimbledon and your 13th grand slam all at the same time, and I was overwhelmed with emotion for your achievement.

Sandie Anthony... It's nice to see that someone who has brought so much happiness and excitement to others is on the receiving end of such happiness and success. Congratulations and continued success!!!
Sally Turkovich ..Congratulations to the King of tennis and our hearts.
Kirsten Sosnowski ...Congratulations Pete your wondrous 13th grand slam win!

South Carolina
Laura Ross
Sylvia Demian... Pete, yu're the greatest and I wish you the best of luck!
Laura Demian... Congratulations! I knew you could do it! Good luck at the Open!

April Toland ...Congratulations Pete!

Elizabeth Akins

Linda Reed ...It was exciting to witness history in the making! Congratulations on Slam #13.

Nancy Grant

Washington DC
Mitchell Leon Strickler

Hadas Peles
Kathy Davies .. All the best to you Pete!

Maggie Mok
Rita Adgate & Jacob Armstrong ….Jacob (8 yrs old) is excited about your win!! Congratulations!!! All your successes are a real inspiration, you must be proud.


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