Get Well Card - January 2000

After Pete's loss in the semi-finals of the Australian Open to Andre Agassi, he revealed in his post-match press conference that he has sustained an injury on his hip flexor muscle and would not be able to participate in the Davis Cup tie against Zimbabwe. He also announced that the injury will take 3-4 weeks to heal.

As Pete flew back to his home in Los Angeles, the group made plans to send him another get well card. Joy and Dennis Parker prepared the layout and poem, while our resident graphic whiz, Sonja Stransky designed the beautiful cover. Also featured in the card were the pictures of the group banner that Philip Ip brought with him to the Australian Open tournament.

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Fans Messages to Pete & Bridgette

Miriam Garcia Poggi

Antonella Catalano - Hope to see you out there soon Pete... Love ya!!!
Janeene Eckford
Sally Stanton
Rebecca Tang Pete, we all love ya!!

Sonja Stransky - My admiration for you: BOUNDLESS! A tourney without you: WORTHLESS! Watching you: SPEECHLESS! My heart: A MESS! God bless YOU!

Csilla Kiss (Montreal) - Take care of yourself, because we miss the beauty of your game and the joy you give us everytime you win. And we can't wait to do some serious celebration about #13, 14, 15....
Sarah Weinman - Take care of that injury and come back strong for #13!

Maria Luisa Llenas (Dominican Republic) - God be with you!
Dalia King (Trinidad & Tobago) - Others come and go but you stay and stay at the top. Long live King Pete!

Lily Chan (Hongkong)
Philip Ip (Hongkong)
Ken Wong (Hongkong)

Omar Garcia - You are the best player ever and the most amazing one to watch!

Marwa Salah - Pete, you are still the best. I LOVE you.

Mariza Oliviera Galvao (Wiesbaden, Hessen)-
13 isn't always a sign of bad luck. Get well soon.
Nadine Tembiwe

Emma - Mr Sampras: the coolest, the hippest and the funkiest!
Nicole - Get well soon and win your 13th Grand Slam. I love you and miss you!
Yvonne Arnoldus
Wilma van der Pols - Tennis is boring without you. Please get well soon!!

Judit Veszpremi - We miss you!

Manu Sharma
Niloufer Randeria -
Wishing you a speedy recovery. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult period.


Eiko Sekine -It's my honor to be your fan. Get well soon!

Veronica Prado -Pete, you are the best ever!!!

Cherry - Thanks for continuously inspiring us with your dedication to the game.
Rosario Cuevas - We pray that you will soon weave your magic on court again.

Agnieszka Kwiatkowska

United Kingdom
Aileen Yi Wan Lam
Helen Virth (Lincolnshire) - Hope you feel a lot better soon. Can't wait to see you here in the Summer! Luv 'n' Hugs!
Katherine Wood (York) - You're always a joy to watch, and we miss you when you go away. Get well soon so we can see you again.

United States
Viji Srinivasan - Best wishes for a speedy recovery and getting started on the next 12 trophies.

Supriya Bhat (Cupertino) - Your dedication, persistence and passion are inspirational.
Elizabeth Bondoc - Pete, get well soon, okay? Get some rest and although I miss seeing you play tennis, I'd rather you get well.
Bernie Lin (Los Angeles) - Get well soon Pete and beat the crap out of AA the next time you play him!
Jackie Otero (Santa Barbara)
Sunaina Sinha - Believe in yourself and you can do it!
Shirl Spicer - Good wishes for complete healing and restoration of your body's health!
Suzanne Verret (Los Angeles)

Washington D.C.
Mitch Strickler

Michael Lockhart (Miami) - Get well soon. Pete, we miss seeing your beautiful tennis and your gentlemanly conduct.

Alison DeFrank (Riverwoods) Get well soon!
Alejandro Maya - Pete, get well and recover your tennis empire.
Joy Parker (Chicago) Get well soon and come out Smokin' !

Paul S. Fein - Hi, Pete. I hope you recover very soon and fully from your injury.
Caryn Sweeney (Boston)

Amanda Lonick (Grand Rapids) - Pete, don't get yourself down! We love you and know you're going to come through and show the world how awesome you are. See you at Wimbledon! You are why I play tennis.

Meggan Garton - We're pulling for you, Pete!
Christy Parker
Amy Pflughaupt - Best wishes, Pete. Feel better soon!!
Dave Wilson (St. Louis)

New Jersey
Anna C. (Morris county) Get well soon. We love you, Pistol Pete!
Marylee Longo

New York

Tina Amirkiai (New York)
Maki Berger (New York) Hope you feel better! Fingers crossed for #13
Dennis Bodo (New York)
Pete, here's to a speedy recovery, and showing them who is the BEST.
Elle - Get well soon, Pete. Tennis is just not the same without YOU!
Ivy - Here's hoping you come roaring back!
Lacy AKA Surgie - Hey, Pete-- get well really soon. We miss watching you play!!!
Zina - I love you, alway, forever... Heal, hip, heal!!!

New Mexico
Jonnie and Larry McIntyre (Farmington)

Aletha Karls (Cincinnati)
Lorianne Upperman (Cincinnati) - Cheers for #13 and many, many more!

Sandy Anthony - You are now and always #1 in our hearts!! Get well soon!
Sally Turkovich (Pittsburgh) Get well, Pete! We miss seeing your beautiful serves!!

South Carolina
Laura Demian (Columbia)
Sylvia Demian (Columbia) Pete, you're the best!!!
Laura Ross

Sarah - We love you, Pete! Thank you for always having a good attitude and being a good sport.

Linda Reed (St. Albans) - You're an untouchable, a great one, and don't ever change! Get well soon. We miss you on the court!

Kathy Davies - Pete, we "miss" you when you're gone. so PLEASE...get a good warm up before your matches.
Beth Stephenson - Get better soon. We miss you on Center Court!

and more...
Rina Manning (USA) -
Keep striving, Pete, and get well soon. #13 will soon be yours.
Kristen Sosnowki (USA) - See you back on the courts soon, dominating every match you play!
Megan Luckfield (USA)
Chris Chaffee (USA) - Pete Sampras is my hero and the greatest. Long live Sampras.
Deb and Gary Willet (USA) - Get well Pete. #13 is just around the corner.
Rahul Deshmukh (USA) - Get well soon, Pete. Tennis isn't the same without you....
Corinna Brock (USA) - I believe in you always
Amanda Hiley (USA) Love ya, Pete! Keep doing what you're doing!
Pamela Bermond (USA) - Get well soon, Pete. We love you!!
Ruth Muzik (USA)
Amy Grove (USA)
Anita Haque (USA) - Come back ASAP. Pete, we miss you.
Bon Manhkong (Texas, USA) - Just do it!
Marcia Bauer (USA)
Robert Esquer (Encinitas, CA, USA) - Right on, Champ. Thanks.


A Poem for Pete


The New Year starts in Aussie land
A showdown with Andre
A noble battle hand to hand
You're hurt and lose the day

A painful hurt, a muscle tear
Zimbabwe's not to be
And Mac the Lip runs on and on
And points accusingly

Pay no attention, Champion
It's petulance he shows
Your class and grace have made us proud
As all of tennis knows

So get well fast and come back strong
And get that record win
Your loyal fan club waits for you
To crush Andre again.


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