Happy Anniversary Card (September 30, 2001)

It has been a year since Pete tied the knot with Bridgette and began a new chapter in his life. The members of Samprasfanz wanted to convey their congratulations to the happy couple as they celebrate their first anniversary.

Here is our special message to Pete and Bridgette in the anniversary card. To view the actual card, click on the thumbnails below.

Read also the letter received from Pete and Bridgette.


Our Message to Pete & Bridgette

Dear Pete and Bridgette,

We hope the qualities you found special in each other in the beginning, stays with you for the rest of your lives!

Enclosed is a CD created especially for you by Samprasfanz member Jeaneene Eckford from Australia. The Pearl Jam songs have never been released in this format, an you may not have heard some of them before. We hope you enjoy them.

Best of luck Pete in the indoor season...we'll be with you all the way!

Joy Parker, President
and the rest of the Samprasfanz!


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