Congratulation Messages from Fans (Part 1 of 6)

After Pete Sampras won his 14th Grand Slam title at the US Open, congratulatory messages from the fans were collected through email and through an online guestbook from September 10 - 20, 2002. These online messages were included in the memento book for Pete.

Note: About two years ago, the original format was bogged down with spam and we rebuilt it using a new format. Email addresses have been omitted from the original post for privacy and spam control.

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You are the greatest ever - we are so proud you.

Beth Young

What a great journey! I always want you to win more and more. My dream comes true when you won the 14th Grand Slam. Greatest tennis player ever and ever! Congratulations!

Chuong Tran

Pete- Despite all of the questions, all of the doubt, your confidence returned and your game dominated once more. A sincere congratulations on your achievement. You said that you could have walked away from the US Open without the win, knowing that you were all you ever wanted to be. Now you can know that you are more.

Andy Pollock
Cambridge, MA

Congratulations for your 14th Title Pete. We were always confident that your talent will let you win more grand slam titles despite all what have been said. You have demonstrated that you are the best player the game of tennis has produced.

Mustapha Fahmy
Cairo, Egypt

Well done, Pete - so sweet it is for you to silence your critics, do your fans proud, and prove your potential to yourself. I hope Greg Rusedski watched you win. And I hope all those misled journalists must now write how great you are. Thanks for being an inspiration.

Virginia, USA

Congratulations, Pete. We knew you could do it. We never lost sight of your inner strength. God Bless!!

Mary Bell

Hey Pete, congratulations on a bravura performance. You showed them all that you've got more heart than anyone who's ever played the game. It was lovely to see poetry flow from your racquet once more. I am proud to be called your fan. You are the best there was, there is, and there ever will be. Hope you have a nice time next year.


Pete, congratulations!!!! I knew you could do it, I never doubted you for a second. You are and have always been the best.

Los Angeles, California

Congragulations on your 14th Grand Slam Pete. You have been my idol since i first started watching tennis. You are the greatest to ever play the game and i only hope that if you do decide to retire, it will be after Wimbledon because you proved to all those that doubted you in NY that you still have the heart and skill to dominate the game. Please win Wimbledon one more time. You own that tournament. Once again congratulations to the greatest athelete on earth.

Harrison Carreno

Congratulations! I have watched you play ever since the beginning of your career and I will be here watching for as long as you play. Some of us never lost faith in you. You're the BEST!!!

Linda Womack
North Little Rock, AR

My Dear Pete, I am so happy for you. I rooted and watched you all through the Open from Romania. I am so happy for you and Bridgette too, you look so happy together! All my love, your faithful fan -Reka.


Thanks for believing in yourself and giving yourself and us that 14th grand slam. You have shown us what a great sportsman you are, whether you win or lose.


Great work Pete in winning the US Open!
I think to shut up the critics forever, you need to win the French Open. You can do it!

Sampras fan

Many congratulations on winning the US Open and your 14th 'Grand Slam' Pete. My family and I are so very pleased for you. You have many fans here in the United Kingdom, and I know they feel the same too. We feel very privileged to have been able to enjoy your superb tennis over the years, and we look forward to seeing you play again.

Geraldine Gregory-Davies

Congratulations Pete. You have proven once more despite everything that you are the best tennis player. Congratulations for your new cup. wow man, 14 nice cups, it feels good after all!


It was thrilling to see you win, once again!
Best wishes for you and your family!

Demitris Kouris
Laramie, Wyoming

I am so thrilled for you! I just may have been more worn out than you at the end!! You are so deserving of this.. many, many congrats!

Alda Ingram
Charleston, Oregon

Wow Pete, you certainly did it this time - great stuff!!!! You have been voted the greatest player of all time on a British TV poll - quite frankly there is little doubt about that - everyone is talking about it here in England. You are quite frankly the GREATEST, I knew you could do it, your talent is unsurpassed - WELL DONE! Come back to Wimbledon Pete, we need you there next year, it was not the same without you this year - PLEASE!

Leslie Branchett

Dear Pistol,
There is so much I want to say, everytime I see you on the box I want to hug it (but I don't, well maybe once :o) From when I saw you way back @ Wimbledon in '93 I have never stopped supporting you, never stopped being excited when you'd walk onto court. There is something about you Pete that no-one else has.
You know, even when you are playing a Brit I still support you!
Congratulations Pete!

Nicky (22)

Pete, what can I say... You have done it, with a verve and style that is so uniquely you. You believed in yourself, over the course of 33 tournaments. To come back and win like you did... Pete, are you fer real?
I have been idolizing you as I grew up. The only person in my Circle to cheer you as you won your first US Open in 90. The loudest screamer when you defeated Jim at Wimbledon in 93.Cried with you when you lost Tim G, Used to sign my name PSTim... used to stay up all night on school nights to watch you play and shout my encouragement. You have been a perfect role model for the past decade and a half. I can think of no one greater than you in my eyes! Allez Pete!

Tim Sodhi
New Delhi, India

yesssss! he made it! i'm so happy 4 him. congradiulation! love you!!!!!


Hello Pete.
Congratulations on your long awaited victory. CONFIDENCE!! I'd keep telling myself, if I could just whisper that in your ear and make you find it. I knew that was all you were missing. Way to go Pistol Pete! You've always been my favorite and always will!! Please, one more Wimbledon!!!!

Terri Reeves
Memphis, TN

I know you are a fellow basketball fan and hopefully you remember the words from Rudy T several years ago after the Rockets were counted out and yet came back to win another Championship. Those words were the first thing I thought of after your U.S. Open victory because it was a perfect description of your accomplishment. "NEVER underestimate the heart of a Champion!" Way to go Pete. Keep coming to the net!

Barry Rubarts
Sherman, Texas

Great match Pete, we knew you could do it!

Sampras Fan

hey man what can say!! ur the best but still i have dream , is that u crush hewitt in a final! i love u man ... and plz dont quit u still have a wimbeldon to win, and why not maybe the french open!!!!!

hagop kechichian

Well done, Pete! You are the best ever, and thank you for many years of wonderful tennis.

West Lafayette, IN

Way to go Pete!!!

Tobi C. Friesler
Milwaukee, WI

I've always have faith in you. I've always know you can make it. Congratulations on the 14th grand slam. God bless you and you family. Take care.

Angie Lin
Taipei, Taiwan/ Connecticut

Way to go, Pete! You really are the best ever. No one deserved to win that tournament more than you. Congratulations!

West Lafayette, IN

Dear Pete,
congratulations on your triumph!!! I always knew you would win at least another major! It was a pleasure to see you playing and I am soooo happy for you!!! Hope to see you again on the court in 2003!

Nadine Bliedtner
Berlin, Germany

Thank you! I'm proud that i'm your fan.
Thank you for being always yourself. Because of you i know that life is beautiful. You always make me smile when i'm sad. Thank you!


Nobody we like to see achieving this feat better and more! Great and deserved compliments are your due. And thanks for so many fascinating classy matches as well.


Congratulations Pete! I am so happy to see you back on top of the game! Once more you proved that it takes more than a good serve or quick feet to be a Champion! You played with a great heart!
I never will forget these amazing two weeks at Flushing Meadows! Thank you so much! You are the real "King of Swing"!

Hamburg, Germany

I've been a fan of yours for years. I also knew you had at least one more Slam in you - awesome playing, enjoyed every minute of it! You are the greatest!

Kathryn Britt
South Carolina

Hi Pete!
I´m a tennis playing fan from Germany!
It´s been a great day for us seeing you win the title!
Congratulations from Berlin!

Marcel Messerschmidti

Congratulations, Pete! What a great champion you are. There's no one in tennis with more class and heart than you. I am so thrilled for you and Bridgette. Selfishly, I hope you continue on because I know you can win another Slam. God bless you both.

Margie Wulfert
St. Louis, MO

I am so happy to have seen dozens of matches played by the best tennis player of all time. Last Sunday we kept our eyes glued to the TV screen for almost three hours to follow your match against another living legend of America: Andre Agassi. We definitely didn't want to miss a single game. In the end, we were thrilled to see you win one more Grand Slam and set a record that may never be surpassed. Congratulations from all of us, the Ferreiras of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Romulo Ferreira
Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro State, BRAZIL

Felicidades para Pete por el titulo conseguido y felicidades para todos sus fans en la cual me incluyo, y espero que sigas jugando , y si no es asi gracias por todo lo que nos diste.


Congratulations! You inspired me to believe in myself and to be positive.

Sydney, Australia

Hey Pete I just want to congratulate you on your 14th grand slam! I believed you could do it the whole time. I'm glad that you showed the whole tennis world that you can still do it and you can still be the man! Great job buddy!

mark mckenna
Rhode Island

First of all I want to apologize for my poor english. Pete you´re the best ever. I´ve cried when you won. Please keep on playing for ever. Don´t think about stop.


My husband and I have followed your career for fourteen years. Not only is it a privilege to watch you play tennis, but it is also a pleasure to observe your behavior and demeanor. The grace, dignity and class with which you conduct yourself have combined to make you a wonderful role model for young people everywhere. Thank you for continuing to bring pleasure to us and to tennis fans everywhere. We wish you great success in tennis, in your family life and in whatever else you choose to do.

Leslie Branchett



You really are the greatest to pick up a tennis racquet, I hope you realize that, and no matter what you do between now and the end of your career you will be the greatest. I’m crossing my fingers for a 15th at Wimby, (shoot if the Aussie goes right 16) and hey congratulations on the little one coming soon to you and Bridgette, that by far will be your greatest challenge and reward. Thanks for making the memories so remarkable and thanks for letting us share them with you.

Marcy Beasley
Mobile, Alabama

You are definitely the greatest of all time. Wimbledon awaits! You will remain KING!! Congratulations and best of luck!

Las Vegas

Congratulations on number 14!!! You deserve it. My father and I were at the US Open and enjoyed every minute of it. We never doubted that you would win. We had full confidence in you. You definitely prooved that you stil have it and that you are number ONE.

New York

Hey Pete. You are the man. You are not only the greatest tennis player but the coolest person in the world. Good luck in the future. WIMBLEDON NEXT YEAR?!

Shane Bohbrink
United States

Congratulations to the best player in history! I've had the pleasure of watching you play. Someday I'd love to have the pleasure of watching you win another slam!

Shelley Smith
Los Angeles, CA, USA

You are the ture champion in tennis. Please win one more Wimbledon title and make new history. Also play as long as you want. There won't be any fun in sport of tennis without you.

Han Lee
State College PA

Pete, I have never stop believing that you can win more slams! Go for 15th!!! Congratulations and all the best to you and lovely Bridgitte and the coming little one!!!

Debbie Arkoncel


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