The Memento Book (September 25, 2002)

Pete Sampras having won more Grand Slams than any other player in the history of tennis, it isn't easy to decide which might be his 'greatest' win. But after landing his fifth US Open Title in September 2002, Pete himself declared: I didn't think anything could top Wimbledon 2000, but maybe this one takes the cake.' Certainly it was a glorious and unprecedented come-back, to win yet another Slam after having lost his previous winning form for so long. Lesser men would have given up, but not the greatest Champion of them all! To mark this historic win, we sent Pete a special Memento Book, compiled from hundreds of congratulation messages received at this site from all over the world. You can view our unique gift here:

Our special thanks to Joy Parker and Sonja Stransky for putting together the cards and the memento book.

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Letter to Pete & Bridgette
Grand Slam collages
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Fans messages (sent via email)
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Fans messages from the Congrats book
(sent thru our website)
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