8th Wedding Anniversary Card for Pete & Bridgette Sampras (September 30, 2008)


Front of the card

Inside of the card

Back of the card

Some of the members wanted to include their personal messages to Pete & Bridgette:

Dear Pete and Bridgette, Marriage is life, love, hills and valleys, and “Everything is simpler than you think and at the same time more complex than you imagine.”(von Goethe) Your lives, love and family are an inspiration to others. May you have a wonderful 8th anniversary and more to come for years and years.
Gloria de Gaston Boone - Reston, VA & Hermosa Beach, CA

Dear Pete & Bridgette, You are so obviously soul mates who have found each other! Happiness and love always on your 8th anniversary.
Best Wishes, Ann - New York

Bridgette & Pete, Happy Eighth Anniversary. Hope you guys get a babysitter and go out on the town! Enjoy your day together.
Joan – Mobile, AL

Bridgette and Pete, Happy Anniversary from a longtime fan from the Dominican Republic.
Maritz Llenas – Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Pete & Bridgette, A very Happy Anniversary, eight is a nice number! Many, many more to come.
Carolee Pastorius

Happy Anniversary, Pete and Bridgette, May this one and all the wonderful ones to come be as special as the both of you!
Beverly Fitzgerald, Illinois

Dear Pete & Bridgette, Have a wonderful day celebrating your lives together :o))
Herna Efendy - Australia

Dear Pete & Bridgette, May you both have a wonderful anniversary. We can’t believe it has been 8 years already! You two really do make the perfect couple so we are glad you found each other. Thank you both for being so generous with us, your Fanz. We admire and respect you both and wish you the best for the future.
Best Wishes, Patricia & Lynn Rogler - Massachusetts

Bridgette & Pete, It’s your anniversary and you know what it means! Dinner someplace where the waiters actually come right up to your table. So you both can remember with happiness and pride upon the eight cherished years you’ve spent together. May every memory that you share of dreams you’ve seen come true, help make this special day a very happy and special anniversary.
Jane Nixon, England

Happy Anniversary to the best looking couple in the world! Whenever I’m privileged enough to see the two of you interact, like at the HOF, it’s clear to see you were meant for each other. We formed this group because of our love, admiration, and respect for Pete. How lucky are we, and you too Pete, to have Bridgette as such a wonderful addition to our Samprasfanz family. I wish you both a very Happy Anniversary! I know you will have a wonderful day as you can see it in both your eyes how much you love and respect each other. A match made in Heaven!
Sandie Anthony, Emmaus, PA

To Pete & Bridgette, Happy 8th Anniversary!!! May you both enjoy celebrating this anniversary remembering the great moments shared the last 8 years together and wishing you a lifelong time of happiness, good health and success!
Much Love & Best Wishes Always,
Georgia Christoforou - West Midlands, UK

Congratulations on your 8th Wedding Anniversary. I hope you have some lovely romantic time together to make up for being apart on last year’s anniversary because Pete was playing. (Got the table booked Pete?! :)
Very best wishes,
Cynthia - Nottinghamshire, England

Pete & Bridgette, Happy Anniversary! May your lives be always filled with love and laughter, happiness and good health!
Cherry Chan - Philippines

Happy 8th Anniversary Bridgette and Pete! Enjoy your special day. We wish you a lifetime of happiness and love. Congratulations to the happy couple.
Ed & Anna Correale - East Hanover, NJ

Pete & Bridgette, Congratulations and Best Wishes for much happiness on your anniversary.
Marianne Bolduc - NJ

Pete & Bridgette, Happy Anniversary
Miriam Garcia Poggi – Argentina

Best Wishes on your Anniversary!
Philip Ip – Hong Kong

Dear Pete & Bridgette, It seems like it was just the other day that we read of you two dancing to “Can You Feel the Love” at your wedding reception. However, so much has happened since then, wonderful things to think back on. May you reflect on all the wonderful memories and have a wonderful 8th Anniversary.
Joy – Peculiar, MO

Special thanks to our president, Joy Parker for arranging this on behalf of the members.


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