the Banner Project

While Pete continues to add pages to the tennis history book, we, Samprasfanz are always there to support him, no matter where he plays or who he plays. "We will be with him all the way."

The original banners were made in Hong Kong and were featured in the Sampras-Agassi semifinal match at the Australian Open 2000. Subsequently they were also seen and "picked up" by TV cameras and journalists at tournaments throughout the world. To name a few these included the Ericsson Open, Davis Cup at Los Angeles, Roland Garros and Stella Artois at Queen's Club. The banners were there when Pete broke the all-time Grand Slam record at Wimbledon 2000.

We now have 5 banners available for Samprasfanz to use when they attend the tournaments where Pete is playing. Anyone who wishes to use them should approach the nearest regional representative and work out arrangements and sharing of the cost of postage. Please make yourself known by posting messages in the bulletin board at

Special thanks to Janeene for her expertise and hardwork in making this project a success.


Deb Willett

Sonja Stransky 
Janeene Eckford 




Financial Contributors to the Banner Project


Anna a.k.a. Samprasmon, Bernie Lin, Dave Wilson, Deb Willett, Joy Parker,
Kathy Davies, Kent Stallard, Laura Demian, Laura Ross, Linda Reed, Lorianne Upperman,
Maritza de Llenas, Marylee Longo, Ruth a.k.a. Roo Muzik,
Sandie Anthony, Shirl Spicer, Suzanne Verret

South America

Miriam Garcia Poggi (Argentina)


Aileen Lam (UK), Sonja Stransky (Austria)


Cherry Chan (Philippines), Eiko Sekine (Japan), Philip Ip (Hong Kong SAR), Janeene Eckford (Australia), Niloufer Randeria (India)

Banners at various Tournaments


2002 US Open


2000 Australian Open 2000 French Open
2000 Wimbledon 2000 Wimbledon
2000 US Open 2001 Wimbledon
2001 Wimbledon 2001 Wimbledon
2001 US Open (QF vs Agassi)
2001 US Open SF


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