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Highs & Lows of being a Sampras Fan

Being a Sampras fanatic fan is all about highs and lows. He is high, I am higher than he is. He is low, I am lower than he is. I suffer every ball, every point, every game, every set, and every win or lost matches. He wins a trophy It is mine also. He cries at the AO when he heard about Gullikson (his former coach), I cried too. It's all about being a part of him! That is high and low! He is injured? I feel the same injury. He is happy, then I am happier.

Being low? Not even wanting to think about his day of retirement. That is why I have a collection of 48 eight-hour tapes of all matches I could get my hands on. And when he hangs up his racquet, I will be high enjoying the past wonderful years as if they were only yesterday or just about to take place tomorrow.






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