Pete Sampras on being married...

"It's not until you're married that you feel - when you're together and engaged, it's nice, but there is still a question. But when you're married, you know this is forever. It's official, I know I'm with the person I'll spend my life with. It's the start of the next chapter in my life.

"I know my life will be a little different, but being married is something I've always wanted. And I know I got this right."

Pete on impending fatherhood

"Hopefully, I'll be a good father. Hopefully someone that my kid's gonna look up to me and the way I am and I hope I'm a good kind of role model for him or her."  Sept 8, 2002, US Open.

Bridgette as a supportive wife (July, 2002)

"My wife has been a very positive influence on me and she has been a rock during this trying year... She has been understanding and given me the stability I need." [Presscon-TMS:Toronto]

"That's not fair to anyone, especially to (Bridgette). I kind of hit a crossroad after (record-setting Slam No.) 13 kind of, "Where do I go from here?' I just happened to get married three months later...Don't blame my wife or my marriage. Blame me for not playing well or doing the things I should be doing on the court. I didn't appreciate (the criticism) for her sake. It bothered her." [Interview at TMS:Cincinnati]

Pete after winning his 14th Grand Slam at the US Open

"I wouldn't be here, having won my 14th Major, if it wasn't for my wife."

"There were moments where I was struggling to continue to play and, you know, my wife really supported me and kept me positive and kept me upbeat. That support was huge for me at this stage of my career."


Off Court

The Sampras Family

Tuesday Aug 02, 2005

Tennis great Pete Sampras and his wife, actress Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, have welcomed another baby boy into the family. Ryan Nikolaos Sampras was born Friday, July 29, 2005 in Los Angeles and weighed in at 6 lbs. 4 oz.

"Mother and son are doing great," the couple's rep says in a statement.

Sampras, 33, and Wilson, 31, who wed in 2000, also have a 2-year-old son, Christian.

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Bridgette's Interview (Source:

-This pregnancy happened a bit sooner than they planned-"I had a goal before I got pregnant again of hitting normal weight...then I got pregnant again and I was like, 'Well, there goes that!." She was only 6 pounds heavier than normal though!

-First son Christian was a big help during pregnancy-every morning he would ask mom if she needed cocoa butter, and rub it on her stomach!

-Daddy Pete cut the cord, and Bridgette said he also is a great diaper changer-when he has to be. "He'll quietly try to do the hand off to me before I can tell [the baby's diaper is dirty], which I think is hilarious."

-Is there a third Sampras child in the future? "Never say never...but two is just perfect for now!" says Bridgette.

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The Samprases Support the Breast Cancer Cause

In 2002, Pete and Bridgette join other celebrities in an ad campaign by Ford Motors for breast cancer awareness. The couple, as with the other celebrities, are shown wearing a limited edition red scarf designed by Kate Spade. The proceeds from the sale of the scarf will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. Visit the Ford website for more information.

Playing doubles clearly suits the Samprases. But being young and in love doesn't cloud their vision about breast cancer. It keeps them more focused than ever on the important things, like early detection. "Couples should think of themselves as a team. I always encourage Bridgette to get checked." Still, Bridgette remains her own first line of defense. "Too often, people our age think they're invincible. They underestimate the importance of self-exams. You need to be in tune with your body so you know when something isn't right and you pay attention to it."


Pete's Charities

In March 2000, Pete Sampras hosted the "Pete Sampras Classic" golf event for the benefit of the Tim & Tom Gullikson Foundation, where he serves as a board member.

Tim was Pete's previous coach who died of brain cancer in 1996. When Tim was first diagnosed with cancer early in 1995, he and his family established the foundation to assist patients and their families cope with the illness.

The event attracted about 30 Hollywood, sports and media celebrities and raised over US$ 90,000 for the foundation.

In 1997, Pete started the Aces for Charity. For every ace he serve, Pete donated US$ 100. In 1999, he has doubled this amount. Through his personal contribution and the support of sponsors, he was able to raise nearly US$ 1 million in three years.

Pete has also contributed to the following charities

Information obtained from Pete's official Site and the Newsweek Champions Cup website and the 2000 ATP media guide.


Pete Sampras Named GQ Man of the Year, 2000

Pete was named the GQ Man of the Year - Individual Athlete category. According to GQ, this award is given to outstanding men to celebrate not only their EXCEPTIONAL accomplishment but also the GRACE, ELEGANCE and EXCELLENCE in which they have been achieved. Descriptions that fits Pete to the T! [Read article]


More off court Features

Pete in the TV show "The Simpsons"
A special episode of The Simpsons featuring Pete, The Williams sisters and Agassi was aired on Fox on February 11, 2001.

Pete in the Kitchen
When Michael Chang was asked about Pete's weakness, his reply was, "He doesn't cook well."  Guess what? Pete donned the apron and shared his favorite pasta recipe "Penne a la Pomadora"

Pete's Other Sports
We know Pete loves golf, but in 2000 he traded his high-tech racquet for some old-fashioned wood, taking a brief round of batting practice with the Cincinnati Reds.

Pete and his Porsche
When asked by the Tennis Match Magazine "What is your most prized possession?" Pete replied, "My Porsche. I love to drive it. It's a great feeling. Not like winning Wimbledon, but still a great feeling."

Here's a caricature of Pete driving.