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Nothing like a New York-New York World Series to bring out celebrities. Among the A-listers at the first game: Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker, Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs and Jennifer Lopez, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, Ron Howard, Billy Crystal, Jack Nicholson and Spike Lee. Tennis star Pete Sampras was there, rooting for the Mets, with his new wife, actress Brigette Wilson. Billy Joel left after singing the national anthem. The Fox-TV cameras also found Calista Flockhart, whose Ally McBeal show happens to be the hit of the network. Source:St. Petersburg Times - (Story supplied by Amy Grove)

The couple at the Armani exhibition.

Off Court

Marriage seems to be agreeing with Pete Sampras

The tennis ace was brimming with happiness Wednesday when he told me, "I love being married to Bridgette." He was talking, of course, about his bride, Bridgette Wilson. The two were hitched Sept. 30, in a small ceremony in Los Angeles, one day after I broke the story here.

Wilson, who co-stars in Darren Star's new TV series, "The Street," said she was not amused that I had included a few paragraphs in that item about her husband's romantic past.

"Did you have to mention all his ex-girlfriends?" she asked.

Sampras, for his part, didn't look as if he wanted to hold a grudge and said he planned to spend more time in New York, despite the fact that couple now lives in Los Angeles.

"I'm not planning on playing much [competitive] tennis for awhile," he said, "so I'm free to be here with Bridgette," whose show shoots in New York City."This may wind up being the most time I've been in New York for any one time that didn't include the U.S. Open."





The couple at the premiere of Bridgette's new tv show. Click thumbnails to view larger picture.  (Photos supplied by Kat.)


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