Birthday Card for Pete Sampras (August 12, 2008)


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Some of the members wanted to include their personal messages to Pete:

Happy Birthday Pete!
Herna Efendy - India

Happy Birthday Pete
Miriam Garcia Poggi - Argentina

Wishing you a great birthday and wonderful year....
May your dreams continue to come true......
Marianne Bolduc - New Jersey

Dear Pete,
I want to congratulate you in this special day from all your Ecuadorian fans!! We miss you a lot, but in these time you have been out from tennis we can reassure how great you are in and out off court. Wish you all the happinnes, and that God bless you and your family always, HAPPY B-DAY!!
Love, Gaby Sánchez - Guayaquil, Ecuador, South America

Happy birthday Pete! May you be blessed with more good things in the years to come. Long live the King of Swing!!
Em Pascual – Philippines

Dear Pete,
37? Don't worry! You prove time and time again that you can still play your beloved sport at a very high level. And it's really nice to see that you can enjoy your matches much more than during your time as a professional.
Enjoy YOUR day with Bridgette, Christian, Ryan, the rest of the family and your closest friends.
Though life is unreadable like your serve, I hope that your current life will continue for many years to come!
Happy birthday, Pete!
André Fischer from Berlin, Germany

Dear Pete,
Happy birthday and many more! We August people have to stick together.
Carolee Pastorius

Happy Birthday Pete! Thank you for a well-written biography. I read the entire book during my 14 hour flight from Hong Kong to Toronto - I just couldn't put it down! It was just like reliving old times. (Now, who was that French player who did that act in the shower and prevented you from taking a shower in the locker room ever after?!) LOL
With warmest wishes for Bridgette and the boys too.
Philip – Hong Kong

May your day be filled with happiness, the year filled with joy and many more happy years ahead.
Indira- India

Happy Birthday Pete! Have a terrific day.
Joan Gardner – Alabama

All the best Pete for a great birthday. Celebrate it in style like the stylish person you are!
Sue - Melbourne, Australia

They come around every year, don't they, Pete? Hope this one is the Very Best Birthday of all with beautiful Bridgette and those darling boys. Lucky you - lucky them! Happy Birthday!
Grandma Beverly - Illinois

MAY YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY!! WITH YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS. I WILL BE THINKING OF YOU AND DRINKING YOUR HEALTH. With wishes for all the things you most enjoy. Because you're such a special person and it's your birthday, you should know that in my heart are many memories of the GREAT things you've done, And today I want to tell you that I'm thankful for each one. And there's one special memory that I'd like to mention, and that was when you broke the record at Wimbeldon to win your 13th Grand Slam title, and even more special was when you won your 14th against all the odds. Have a wonderful Birthday!
Jane Nixon - England, UK

Hey Pete...Looking very relaxed these days....Wishing u a very happy birthday. May the blessings of the Almighty God be upon u and ur family now and forevermore.Many Happy returns!
Bunmi Ashebu - Nigeria

Dear Pete,
I am loving your book and learning so much about you. You were always such a private, focused person with more determination and courage than even I imagined. The strength and courage you had to stare adversity in the eye and never falter is a testimony to who you are. I had no idea, until I read your book, how much of a personal commitment it took to accomplish what you did. Your book was honest, sincere, and extremely interesting, just like you. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to understand the personal sacrifices you had to make to accomplish your goals and to learn so much more about who you really are.

Of course, as a Samprazfan, I already knew how talented you are. And I knew beneath that quiet (boring) exterior, burned a flaming desire to be the best and only the best. I could tell by the way you conducted yourself on court and let your racquet do the talking that you were of strong character and had a goal and you would allow nothing to stop you from reaching that goal. You are the best and will ALWAYS be the best.

However, that is not the reason for this message. The reason is to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating with your wonderful family. And I wish you good health and many, many more birthdays. You're a very special person who deserves a very special birthday. Only the best for the best.

Sandie Anthony Emmaus, PA 18049

Dear Pete:
On this special ocassion of your birthday I want to thank you for all the joy you have brought to my aging years since 1990 by watching you play. So what better moment to t wish health, love and that time brings you all the joy you gave me ten thousand folds with your wife and your children! God bless you!
Maritza Llenas
Dominican Republic

That's the way we say it in France.
Lots of love for you and your family. God bless you.
Don't worry - you're still awesome as 10 years ago!!!
Vanessa - France

Dear Pete,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!Hope you have a fantastic day spent with those you love - and I wish you a lifetime filled with good health, happiness & success always!Looking forward to seeing you play at the Royal Albert Hall, London for the Black Rock event in December!!!
With Best Wishes Always,
Georgia Christoforou, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Hello, Pete. Have the merriest B-day ever !!! U're still the ONE !!!!! Looking forward to seeing more of your exhibition matches on Tennis channel.... Thanx for all the memories...
Big Hugz,
Elera, SF, CA

Congrats, and many happy returns, and a great new year to you. Keep up the great tennis; it's wonderful to see you out there again.....leading the way!
Gloria Boone - Virginia

Warmest wishes for your birthday Pete! May this day bring you moments you will treasure...This fanz will remember all the joy brought to her along your wonderful career,
Mimi, Michèle Bélanger - Montreal, Quebec

Dear Pete,
We hope you have a wonderful birthday and a great year ahead. We want to thank you again for writing such a heartfelt book. It really touched us to know your thoughts and feelings behind some of the most important moments of your career. And it was a breath of fresh air to read a book from a star who is classy, reserved, and dignified. So thank you for proving there is still room for class in the world. I hope you do something special to celebrate your birthday. All of your Fanz will be thinking of you and wishing you the best!
Patricia & Lynn Rogler - Massachusetts, USA

Dear Pete,
Here’s wishing you all the best for the coming year. Do you remember the huge cake at Cincy and the fans singing Happy Birthday to you on the practice court….1999? Have fun on your special day!!
Joy - Missouri

Happy birthday to an inspiring champion! Best wishes to you, Bridgette and the kids.
Cherry Chan – Philippines

Wishing you all the very best now and forever.
Niloufer Randeria - India.

A Very Happy Birthday,
Your Forever Fan,
Mary Lee Longo - New Jersey

Happy Birthday Pete !! Health and Happiness always to you and your beautiful family.
All the best,
Ed and Anna Correale –New Jersey

Special thanks to our president, Joy Parker for arranging this on behalf of the members.


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