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Close Encounter with Pete Sampras

Location: MOVADO signing (Rockefeller Center, New York, USA)
Date: August 25, 1999

Pete looked really AWESOME! He was wearing Nike navy T-shirt, white shorts and sneakers and he really took time to say a few words to everyone that came by. It was really a nice treat this time. :) It was also nice to meet several members of the club. :)

Pete was happy to know that I am a member of the Samprasfanz Internet fan club. I thanked him for signing all 25 copies of the advertisement we run in the Cincinnati program. I also mentioned about the birthday card that Joy made. And guys, he remembered the card that Vince and Joy gave for his birthday! :). I congratulated him and wished him lots of luck for his 13th slam and he thanked me and signed autograph for me saying "Elle, Best wishes" and he signed his famous full name and not just PS! :)

Oh, he is absolutely gorgeous!!! Next to me was my sister-in-law with her 14 month old son who went up to Pete. Pete actually liked my nephew. To my nephew, he said, "Hey buddy what's up?" and shook his hand. Then after he signed the picture and my sister-in-law was about to get it from him, Pete said instead, "Let him (my nephew) grab it." I think that was so cute! :)

FOX news, who was covering the autograph sigining (at least some parts of it), took the video of my sister-in-law and my little nephew and the cameraman was saying that my nephew was the youngest fan of Pete Sampras. :) That was neat, too. :)

Pete's simply the BEST EVER!! :)

It was nice to see fellow members of Samprasfanz there, too -- Samprasmom (Anna) and her daughter, Niloufer, Ivy and Kim. It was great seeing you guys. :)


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