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Pete Sampras Interview at the Australian Open

Pete Sampras has arrived in Melbourne and will be presenting the trophy to the winner in Sunday’s final. During the presscon, he was asked on the GOAT, tennis rivalries and if he is interested in coaching other players. Transcript of the interview is also available below: Tweet … Read entire article »

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Exclusive Pictures from Rogers Legends Cup (Toronto, Canada)

Exclusive photos taken by a Samprasfanz member at the Rogers Legends Cup match between Pete Sampras and John McEnroe. View more pictures in the Gallery … Read entire article »

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Happy New Year

To Pete, Bridgette and the Kids, From Samprasfanz Tweet … Read entire article »

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CNN Open Court Interview

Tennis legend Pete Sampras met with Pat Cash for an interview in CNN’s Open Court Show. Tweet … Read entire article »

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Pete Sampras Interview @ The Dan Patrick Show

Tennis legend Pete Sampras joined The Dan Patrick show to talk about his recent showdown with Andre Agassi and more. Sampras talked about the challenges of family life. He has boys who are 5 and 8. Dan asked Sampras where his relationship with Andre Agassi is right now. “We’re fine,” Sampras said, although he didn’t sound enthused. Sampras said that he and Agassi probably regret a spat they had at a charity match for Haiti. They talked the next day and were immediately ready to move on, even though the media blew it out of proportion. “It was one moment out of 15 years. It wasn’t a big deal to me,” Sampras said. Sampras had interesting comments on Roger Federer. He said that if someone had to break his records, he’s glad it’s someone … Read entire article »

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Pete’s 14th Grand Slam

Pete’s 14th Grand Slam

From his debut in the professional tennis in 1988 until the time he formally retired in 2003, Pete Sampras had accumulated a record 14 Grand Slams titles. While each and every title was memorable, none was sweeter than the last one, the 2002 US Open Championship. Read our full coverage on Pete’s sweetest victory. Tweet … Read entire article »

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