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‘Last match was best I ever played,’ says Sampras

American winner of 14 out of 18 Grand Slam finals reflects on his greatest games against Agassi and Becker By Steve Flink in New York23 December 2003 More than three months after officially announcing his retirement during a poignant ceremony at the United States Open, the man who created a brand of tennis unlikely ever to be replicated is certain that he made the right decision to leave the game. Pete Sampras – winner of a men’s record 14 Grand Slam championships, a singularly gifted and ambitious individual who pushed himself to his absolute limits across a commendable career – has had time to reflect on his triumphs as he enjoys life with his wife, Bridgette, and his one-year-old son in Los Angeles. When we spoke last week, I asked him how he wanted … Read entire article »

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