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Sampras Reflects on 2009

Jan 11, 2010, Tennis Channel Among his many laudatory qualities, Pete Sampras’s decency and humility are the twin attributes that always spring to mind when I am interviewing him. He is prideful without being arrogant, self assured yet not cocky, steadfast in his convictions but able to understand and appreciate other points of view. During a telephone interview at the end of the first week of this new year in a new decade, Sampras sounded upbeat and near the top of his game as he reflected on an eventful 2009. He talked about his first visit back to Wimbledon in seven years for an historic occasion, his exhibition in China against old rival and friend Andre Agassi, his ups and downs on the Outback Champions Series Tour, and how he views … Read entire article »

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SAP Open Press Conference

SAP OPEN MEDIA CONFERENCE January 14, 2010 Pete Sampras THE MODERATOR: Pete, thank you very much for joining the call. PETE SAMPRAS: No problem. Q. Few basic facts about Pete. He is a two-time SAP Open champion, ’96 and ’97 Tweet … Read entire article »

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Pete Sampras ‘disappointed’ by criticism in Andre Agassi’s book

Thu Jan 14, 2010 4:09 pm EST The most interesting parts of Andre Agassi’s autobiography, “Open,” weren’t the salicious details that captivated the press and public last fall. Maybe it’s because it was old news by the time most read through the book, but the stories of meth use and weaves and Brooke Shields were comparitively dull compared to other aspects of the tome, namely the brutally honest shots Agassi took at his peers. Michael Chang got it bad, with Agassi (and ghostwriter J.R. Moehringer) making sure to mock Chang’s piousness at every opportunity. Boris Becker also wasn’t spared. But Agassi saved most of the bitterness for Pete Sampras, his longtime rival. Thursday, Sampras told reporters he as “disappointed” by Agassi’s remarks and said he’d like to meet “man to man” to discuss … Read entire article »

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