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Pete – Dominic Hrbaty Exhibition Match Result

Pete defeats Dominic Hrbaty in friendly match at the Slovak Republic on Nov. 29, 2008 Score was 6-3, 7-5. For pictures, please visit our gallery Tweet … Read entire article »

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Pete Sampras: Return of the king

November 16, 2008 – To reach Pete Sampras you take a flight to Los Angeles and drive north from the city towards the Santa Monica Mountains and this incredibly posh country club with huge iron gates where you submit your fingerprints and a swab of DNA before being directed to the lobby of the golf club where a secretary awaits. “Mister Sampras hasn’t arrived yet, please take a seat.” It’s a long way to travel for an interview with a tennis player but one thought sustains you through the hassle and the tedium. This guy was extraordinary. Forget the seven Wimbledon titles, the five US Opens, the two Australian Opens and his seat in the pantheon with the greatest of all time. No, I’m talking about the stuff we never read … Read entire article »

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