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A Tribute to Our Champion by Sandie Anthony (USA)

Written with heart-felt thanks for the years of nail biting, breathtaking, floor pacing, cover my eyes because I can’t bear to watch, jubilant, tearful, beaming with pride memories to the greatest tennis player of all time……….Pete Sampras. Thanks for the memories Pete! Isn’t it funny how things happen, isn’t it funny how things go, Isn’t it funny they never appreciated you until you no longer showed? Isn’t it funny they didn’t acknowledge your serve and volley game, Isn’t it funny now they’re saying without you the sport is not the same? Isn’t it funny how they’re lining up to shout your accolades and praise, Where were they for the past 12 years during your glory days? Isn’t it funny they labeled you boring, and refused to acknowledge your feats, Isn’t it funny how they almost wallowed in your … Read entire article »

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Sampras Joins Tennis Magazine

[October 7, 2003] Pete Sampras is getting back into Tennis. The 14-time Grand Slam champion, who officially concluded his career on the opening Monday of the U.S. Open, has become an investor, partner and special consultant to Tennis Magazine. Sampras’ new role is his first post-retirement corporate commitment. He also works with the Tennis Channel. “Tennis Magazine has always been the leader and the pulse of the industry,” Sampras said in a statement. “It’s definitely a way for me to remain involved in tennis while helping to grow and improve the sport. I share the vision of Tennis’ owners BobMiller and George Mackin, and I look forward to this partnership.” The 32-year-old Sampras contribute articles and instructional pieces to the publication and will be a presence in Tennis Magazine’s corporate and … Read entire article »

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