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Pete Sampas in Omaha

Pete Sampras was at the Rock-n-Racquets tennis exhibition event at the Qwest Center in Omaha last Friday, December 17. A celebrity doubles match featured Pete playing with billionaire Warren Buffett. Thereafter, Pete teamed up with Sam Querrey for another doubles match against the Bryan brothers. It was a close match that went to a tiebreaker, with the Bryan twins winning. The featured match was between Sampras and Querrey – substituting for injured Andy Roddick. It was a pro set wherein the first to win 8 games wins the match. Our Samprasfanz President Joy watched the match and reported that Pete’s son, Christian was in the audience with Gus (Pete’s brother) and Gus’ little girl. “You could just see that Pete wanted to play well tonight. He … Read entire article »

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One Trophy Has Been Recovered

LA Times has reported that one of Pete Sampras’ trophies have been recovered last Friday, December 17, at Griffith Park. Three scrapbooks and a trophy stolen from Pete Sampras at a West Los Angeles public storage facility over a month ago have been recovered. The article did not identify which trophy was found. For the complete article click here Tweet … Read entire article »

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Pete Sampras’ Trophies Stolen

Pete Sampras’ trophies were stolen from a storage facility in West Los Angeles about 3 weeks ago. Lost were trophies from 51 of his 64 tournament title runs (including his first Australian Open trophy), 24 runners-up trophies, six year-end No. 1 trophies and other priceless memorabilia. In an interview at ATP World Tour, Pete described feeling angry, violated and disappointed over the loss of his possessions. “My kids won’t get to see the history of my tennis life,” he said. “I wanted them to be able to see what their dad did.” For the complete interview, visit the ATP World Tour Let’s hope the trophies turns up and will be returned to Pete. Tweet … Read entire article »

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List of Stolen Items

Based on the news articles, among the items that were stolen from Pete’s storage locker facility were the following: 1994 Australian Open trophy Five (5) ATP Season-ending Masters cup trophies Six World No. 1 trophies Two (2) Davis Cup medallions Olympic rings Seven (7) ESPY trophies Framed photographs of Sampras with Presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton Personal letters written by Bush, after Pete lost his coach Tim Gullikson due to cancer A piano bench signed by singer Elton John A signed guitar from Carlos Santana Tweet … Read entire article »

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Pete Sampras Is Offered Replica of Stolen Davis Cup Trophies by Federation

The International Tennis Federation will offer former world No. 1 Pete Sampras a replica of his stolen Davis Cup trophies. Sampras, whose 14 major championships are second in men’s tennis history to Roger Federer’s 16, was robbed of most of the trophies he won throughout his playing career, the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday. Sampras, 39, told the newspaper that while he still has 13 of his Grand Slam awards, he lost ‘everything else,’ when dozens of boxes were stolen from a public storage facility in west Los Angeles. Items included trophies for his first Australian Open title as well as two Davis Cup wins. “We were sorry to learn of the theft,” Francesco Ricci Bitti, president of the London-based International Tennis Federation, said in a statement. “We know how special a Davis … Read entire article »

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One of tennis’ ultimate winners, Pete Sampras, suffers a major loss

LA TimesDecember 7, 2010 Trophies and other memorabilia from Sampras’ record-setting tennis career recently were stolen from a public storage facility. He still has championship hardware for 13 of his 14 Grand Slam singles titles, but almost everything else is gone. When Pete Sampras finished his legendary tennis career, he had enough hardware to open a store. Also, the perfect name: Aces. No longer. Sampras has been robbed of the majority of trophies, medals, plaques, crystal and rings that are a testament to a career that brought a then-record 14 major titles and status as one of the greatest ever to play the game. Three weeks ago, he found out that the dozens of boxes containing these symbols of his career had been stolen. “I have 13 of my 14 Grand Slam trophies,” he said. … Read entire article »

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