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About Us

History of the Samprasfanz Website

The idea of putting up a Samprasfanz website first came up in 1999. There were initial difficulties getting the project off the ground until March 2000 when the topic again resurfaced on the messageboard and a group of 10 members from different parts of the world banded together to volunteer their efforts and spare time to make the website a reality.

The first meeting was held on March 25/26, 2000 — two dates due to the different time zones. During the meeting, the team members discussed what the site objectives and contents should be…. and this is the result of their hardwork. We hope you enjoy the site.

Site Objectives

The objectives of the website are as follows:

  • To promote the discussion list to other Pete fans on the internet
  • To provide fans with information and updates on the recent happenings in the life and career of Pete Sampras.
  • To chronicle the growth of the group and the various projects it has undertaken.
  • To serve as a springboard for new members to get acquainted with the regular members and find out what the group is all about.

Founding Members (2000)

  • Alison DeFrank (USA)
  • Bernard Lin (USA)
  • Beth Stephenson (USA)
  • Caryn Sweeney (USA)
  • Cherry Chan (Philippines)
  • Ivy Sta. Maria(Philippines)
  • Laura Ross (USA)
  • Marwa Salah (Egypt)
  • Philip Ip (Hongkong SAR)
  • Rahul Deshmukh (USA)
  • Sally Turkovich (USA)

Committee members (2005)

  • Cherry Chan (Philippines)
  • Cynthia Smith(UK)
  • Georgia Christoforou (UK)
  • Joy Parker (USA)
  • Lourdes Paradero (Philippines)
  • Philip Ip (Hongkong SAR)

Past Committee members

  • Bernard Lin (USA)
  • Jin Yuejue (China)
  • Katherine Wood (UK)
  • Sally Turkovich (USA)

Contact Us

For your comments and suggestions, please write to:


Samprasfanz is an unofficial, unauthorized and non-profit website. We have no connection with Pete Sampras.

Our intention, as dedicated fans to Pete Sampras, was to create this website as a tribute to Pete, and for the benefit of his fans all over the world who may have limited news on Pete, or for those busy people who may not have time to browse 10 different websites for the information.

Samprasfanz understands that the photographs, multimedia, and certain text found are the property of their respective owners and in no way intends to defy copyright laws. In most cases, where applicable, all credit has been given to the source. If you believe with good reason that this site has broken any such laws, please contact us at

The pictures, screen captures, articles found on this site that is directly are own by Associated Press, ESPN, Reuters and the respective authors. We take no ownership of these things.

(Updated on June 1, 2002)

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