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WTT-Smash Hits: Pete Sampras Interview

WORLD TEAMTENNIS (WTT) SMASH HITS PETE SAMPRAS CONFERENCE CALL QUOTES – THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 2002 Pete Sampras talked about his upcoming appearance with Billie Jean King, Elton John and Andre Agassi in the 10th Anniversary of World TeamTennis (WTT) Smash Hits, an annual tennis charity event slated for Thursday, October 3 at The Pavilion at Villanova University beginning at 7 p.m. On what fans can expect in next week’s WTT Smash Hits event in Philadelphia: “The event is great. It’s light-hearted, relaxed and a fun atmosphere to be in. The Philly fans are obviously going to see some good tennis, but they’ll also see the lighter side of things…A few trick shots and some mockery of one another. Those are the things that people enjoy watching. There’s always a little … Read entire article »

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Proof by Cynthia Smith (UK)

Proof, If More Proof Were Needed, That Pete Sampras Is The Greatest Tennis Player Of Them All By: Cynthia Smith (UK) Those who love and admire Pete Sampras had been through a painful and difficult period after his historic victory at Wimbledon 2000, with his failure to add to his 63 titles for more than two years. Of course it must have been even harder for Pete, but as the months went by I found myself torn between the old excited anticipation when he was going to play and the increasing dread that he might lose again. I kept telling myself that people endowed with genius don’t suddenly lose it – Pete couldn’t have forgotten how to play great tennis. But what had become of this formerly peerless champion? Where was … Read entire article »

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The Sampras Song

Written By: Perizad Dalal (Mumbai, India) in celebration of Pete winning his 14th Grand Slam They said you should retire You should call it a day Proved so much already What else was there to say Thirteen titles in the bag A place in history What’s left to play for Just bow out gracefully But you knew yourself better You know you are The Best You’ve got your 14th title You’ve passed your toughest test Well done, Pete Champion of Champions Bravo Pete You’re a real Superstar That’s why you’re ahead And others are where they are Oh-oh-oh You showed them Pete Showed you could do it Talent and grit Took you right through it Tweet … Read entire article »

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