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Pete on Federer’s Aus Open Loss

“I still see Roger as the favorite. When he played Novak [Djokovic] at the U.S. Open and Aussie Open, I still thought he would find a way to win,” said Sampras. “Djokovic winning in straight sets down there surprised me, but I still think Federer will win a few more majors. I’ve been talking to Paul and they are going to go over a few things, but [losses are] going to happen because he’s raised the bar so high for himself for so long that we can’t expect him to sustain year in and year out. It’s the nature of the sport. He’s a little older, but still eager. When I was 29 I was burned out and beat down and I think he’s a little fresher.”

“You’d like to see Roger come in a little more, but his game is to stay back and rally. But against the top guys you would like to see him change it up a little. But he’s won 16 majors…Great players believe in themselves and their games and you can hear input, but when you are out there competing and it’s pressure time, you are going to resort to what you’ve done over the years. I think Roger sees coming in and serve and volleying as a sign of weakness, like, ‘Wow, I have to do this now?’ I don’t think he has to, but against some top players, maybe try something different. I wouldn’t say [all time greats] are stubborn, but we are resilient in a way that we say ‘I’ve won this many majors and I’m going to stick to this way and if I lose, I Iose.”

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