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Pete on court with Marion Bartolli

Pete Sampras practiced with Marion Bartolli at the Bank of the West Classic in LA.

Bartoli stated, “”I was so stressed at the beginning I could barely hold my racquet. It was just incredible – an extreme pleasure and honor. I was like a kid. I never dreamed about winning a Grand Slam, just about playing with Pete. I had posters of him all over my bedroom. He was my all-time hero. I’m just so, so, so happy.

“My mom was always a huge fan of Andre Agassi, so whenever they were playing against each other we were cheering for different sides, obviously. And whenever Pete would lose I’d be depressed for a week, crying in my bedroom!

“He would never overact on court. He was very much the same person on and off the court. The way he was loyal to his family and his coaches, the way he cried on court against Jim Courier at the Australian Open, that’s the kind of person I like. He was the greatest champion. I just liked him and no one else!”

Ironically in the exhibition match with Chang, Sampras was forced to retired due to calf muscle injury.

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