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Petition for a Pete Sampras Statue

To All Pete Sampras Fans,

Pete Sampras, winner of 14 Grand Slams is a tennis legend who needs to be remembered not only by his tennis fans worldwide, but by all who attend the U.S. Open and all who see the Grand Slam on television. For this reason, we believe that a statue of Pete at the U.S. Open would be a wonderful way of giving recognition to his great tennis.

Please sign our petition to send to the USTA asking them to erect a statue of Pete at the U.S. Open in New York in recognition of his many years of great tennis.

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Anne Kavanagh |
please have a statue for pete he is the greatest player ever,an ambassador for all sport
21 July 2007
Pepe |
He is the world greatest. Ever!

Threr must be a Pete Sampras statue!

Pete, I miss your on tour!
20 July 2007 - Aachen, NRW, Germany
Rebecca DeBardelaben |
Pete truly deserves it for both the player he was on the court as well as the person he is off the court.
19 July 2007 - Houston, TX
Veronique Gerring |
No player is more deserving of a statue at the US Open than Pete Sampras.
18 July 2007 - Cumming, GA USA
cleo ceballos |
pete deserves to be honored with a statue considering the things he did for the popularity of tennis throughout the world, especially in the united states. his exemplary behavior on and off court is worth emulating by the youths of today.
15 July 2007 - philippines
Frances O. Veit |
Not only a great Tennis Champion, but a wonderful example of a human being. Great Man and a statue is a well deserved tribute.
14 July 2007 - New Jersey
Minnie |
Sampras definitely deserves a statue.and what better place than at Flushing Meadows where he won his first and final grand slam title!
14 July 2007 - Houston, TX
Attila Hengsperger |
I think he is the No.1 in tennis and there is nobody who can do anything against it!
Forza Pete Sampras!
He deserves it very much!
13 July 2007 - Hungary
jo ann mitchell |
A statue to commemorate the greatest American tennis player is absolutely something the USTA should be thinking about. Pete deserves to be recognized
9 July 2007 - mohnton
Katharine Judd |
Fabulous idea.since his is still the greatest in my tennis book! a statue is most appropriate.
4 July 2007 - Sun Valley

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